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Helen Exley® LONDON

Cat Jokes

Cat Jokes

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"Cat Jokes" is full of funny feline observations, jokes and cartoons that will make you and your cat laugh out loud! Featuring hilarious cats that are selfish, fussy, bossy, stubborn and superior, one thing is for sure - despite it all, they're still cute, soft, warm, and lovable - furry little creatures who have somehow taken over our homes, our lives and our hearts. 

This book is the perfect gift for any cat-lover - it will resonate perfectly with them and make them smile, sigh and chuckle. Cats never feel guilty!  And they never need to say a word to give you orders!

At best, one is one's cat's companion.
At worst, a weak and pathetic servant.

Helen Exley personally selected all of the jokes, quotes and illustrations in this book.

Illustrated in colour throughout with hilarious cartoons by Roland Fiddy.


144 pages

Dimensions: 167mm x 105m x 15mm

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