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Golf Jokes

Golf Jokes

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"Golf Jokes" is an essential gift for the golf aficionado in your life! 144 pages of hilarious jokes, sayings and observations about the art of hitting a very small ball towards, or hopefully into, a distant it a game? is it a sport? Is it just one huge frustration?!

Golf is a terrible, hopeless addiction and this book is the perfect companion for those who know the pain of playing golf! Featuring all the things people love and hate about the game - from being just out of reach of perfection, to wanting to scream and beat the ground with your clubs! Golfers of all ages and abilities can relate to the uncanny fact that no matter how badly you play, it is always possible to get worse, whilst losing expensive balls and your sanity along the way, So don your hideous clothing and hit the links - it's time to laugh (or cry) at Golf Jokes!

The only time you play great golf is when you are doing everything within your power to lose to your boss.

Helen Exley personally selected all of the sayings, quotes and illustrations in this book. With quotes and quips from wide range of sources, from Groucho Marx and Bob Hope to P.G. Wodehouse and Bernard Darwin.

Illustrated in colour throughout with hilarious cartoons by Roland Fiddy.


144 pages

Dimensions: 167mm x 105m x 15mm

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