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Helen Exley® LONDON

The Little Book of Happiness

The Little Book of Happiness

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"The Little Book of Happiness" offers timeless advice for living a more joyful life. It reminds us that each day brings invaluable opportunities and blessings, encouraging us to make the most of each moment. Drawing on simple pleasures, this book provides wisdom and insight for spreading happiness and cherishing the present. Embrace the uniqueness of each day and discover how to enjoy life more fully, for this is your one and only life!

Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life.

A major part of Helen Exley's work has been to bring inspiration and positivity to as many people as possible. In this book, she drew on the finest words in her personal collection to carefully select, from over 300,000 quotes, the most positive and inspiring words.  

Containing around 120 inspiring quotes from a wide range of sources, such as Oprah Winfrey, Marcel Proust and Helen Keller.


96 Pages

Dimensions: 155mm x 111mm x 12mm

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