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Helen Exley® LONDON

365 For my beautiful Granddaughter

365 For my beautiful Granddaughter

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This is a beautiful and loving gift for a most special granddaughter. It is to remind her, day after day, year after year, to be confident and proud.

"365 For my beautiful Granddaughter" is the perfect way for grandparents to share with their granddaughter just how much she means and how precious she is. Granddaughters provide laughter, hugs, new excitements and a halo of warmth. This gift celebrates the special bond between generations, offering moments of delight, humour and appreciation. Grandparents cherish the chance to be kept on their toes and to see the world through their granddaughter's eyes! Any granddaughter would be touched and delighted to receive this book.

In this book, Helen Exley drew on the finest words in her personal library to finely select, from over 300,000 quotes, the most beautiful and inspiring words. 

A major part of Helen's work has been to increase love and communication amongst families and friends, by finding and publishing the things people everywhere would like to say to the people they love.  

Illustrated throughout with original illustrations, each paired with a loving, happy quote for each day.

Over the years grandmas
disintegrate a little.

But granddaughters do not notice.
They accept you as you are.

A high-quality wiro-bound book with integrated easel, ideal to sit sturdily on a desk or side table. Supplied in a matching slipcase.

The pages of the book are dated but not specific to a year.

So you can start them during any month and continue to use them year after year!

365 Pages: January to July (Front to Back), August to December (Back to Front)

Dimensions: 135mm x 125mm x 27mm

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