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Helen Exley LONDON

365 For My Lovely Mother - Luxury Edition

365 For My Lovely Mother - Luxury Edition

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Join us in celebrating mothers with 365 For My Lovely Mother - Luxury Edition. This BIG luxurious lifetime gift is just perfect for Mother's Day, mum's birthday or any time you want to make your mum feel special. The hundreds of thoughtful and encouraging messages, one for each day, will remind her, always, that she's totally and completely loved and appreciated!

This exclusive collection honours the irreplaceable role of mothers, who teach us the value of love, strength, and resilience as well as how to love. With an inexhaustible supply of care and patience, they are our biggest encouragers and the reason for our success. They give us the chance to do a thousand things. 

A gorgeous keepsake, beautifully illustrated, that will be treasured for life.

Mothers hold the world together, when all seem set on its destruction.

Wiro bound, 180mm x 110mm, 368 pages

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