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Helen Exley® LONDON

365 Little Acts of Kindness - Doing something kind every day...

365 Little Acts of Kindness - Doing something kind every day...

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Give yourself an opportunity to make a difference every day with "365 Little Acts of Kindness". Packed with compassion and understanding, this book provides ideas and encouragement on how to spread happiness and be kind.

With small actions like simply showing appreciation or listening to someone's woes, even a single act of kindness can make a big difference. Develop a lifetime habit of being sympathetic and generous - it costs nothing and people will remember the kindness. Bring joy and positivity to yourself and others: start doing something kind today and every day.

In this book, Helen Exley drew on the finest words in her personal library to carefully select, from over 300,000 quotes, the most beautiful and inspiring words on kindness. 

A kind word can be spoken with little thought.
And yet can change a day. A life.

Illustrated throughout  with an inspiring quote for each day from a large range of sources including Whoopi Goldberg and Gautama Buddha, as well as our own talented in-house writers.

A high-quality wiro-bound book with integrated easel, ideal to sit sturdily on a desk or side table. Supplied in a matching slipcase.

The pages of the book are dated but not specific to a year.

So you can start them during any month and continue to use them year after year!

365 Pages: January to July (Front to Back), August to December (Back to Front)

Dimensions: 135mm x 125mm x 27mm


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