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365 Simpler Days - Finding a quieter, more contented life

365 Simpler Days - Finding a quieter, more contented life

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Many of us are looking for a simpler, more peaceful way of life. "365 Simpler Days" is a deeply wise collection of quotations about being at peace with yourself - less busy, few deadlines, fewer possessions, being in touch with nature...learning that less is more. It could be life-changing for you.

Simplifying your life could help to eliminate stress and encourage true contentment. This book will help you focus on what matters most in life, by teaching you how to reduce your wants, seek simplicity, and de-clutter your mind and your surroundings. You'll learn to appreciate nature, make room for joy, and be happy with less. Make every day simpler and more meaningful.

Illustrated in colour throughout with a helpful quote for each day from a large range of sources, including Sir James Barrie, Robert Browning and ancient philosophers, as well as our own talented in-house writers.

If you wish for happiness, 
do not multiply possessions,

but reduce wants.
It is not the one 
who has too little,
but the one 
who craves more, that is poor...


A high-quality wiro-bound book with integrated easel, ideal to sit sturdily on a desk or side table. Supplied in a matching slipcase.

The pages of the book are dated but not specific to a year.

So you can start them during any month and continue to use them year after year!

365 Pages: January to July (Front to Back), August to December (Back to Front)

Dimensions: 135mm x 125mm x 27mm


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