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A Gem of A Daughter

A Gem of A Daughter

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Daughters change our lives forever. We feel such fierce pride, such wonder. "A Gem of A Daughter" celebrates the best things ever said about daughters.

Your daughter will treasure this book; it will help her to understand the effect she has had on your life and how much she is loved and appreciated; how she is the heartbeat of your life and a never-ending source of amazement. It will remind her of the indestructible bond between you both, and the brightness and laughter she brings into your life.

Thank you for showing me, when I thought my mothering days were over, that the best days between us are only just beginning.

This book is from our "Jewel" series, which are just that, little jewels - adorable and precious little gifts for someone special. These books are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Despite their tiny size, these books are real little gems!

Helen Exley personally selected the very best words about daughters for this book, which is illustrated and printed in colour throughout. With inspiring quotes from a wide range of sources, such as Brian Jones, Katherine Mansfield and Michael Crichton.

Hardcover, 368 pages

With matching slipcase 65mm (h) x 45mm (w) x 35mm (d)

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