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A Simpler Life

A Simpler Life

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This special book of quotations, "A Simpler Life", is about becoming more contented, doing less - and being at peace with yourself and your life.

This book will help you to find a refuge of serenity amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We can all achieve greater contentment and peace – not through material possessions and endless desires for more – but through embracing the simple joys of being, and focusing on what we do have. Featuring core tenets of minimalism, this book will help you clear away the clutter to experience true acceptance of yourself and appreciation of the simple things.

We are richest who are content with the least; for content is the wealth of nature.

This book is from our "Jewel" series, which are just that, little jewels - adorable and precious little gifts for someone special, or for you! These books are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Despite their tiny size, these books are real little gems!

Helen Exley personally selected the very best words about hope for this book, which is illustrated and printed in colour throughout. With inspiring quotes from a wide range of sources, such as Helen Keller, Chinese proverbs and Daphne du Maurier.

Hardcover, 368 pages

With matching slipcase 65mm (h) x 45mm (w) x 35mm (d)

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