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Helen Exley® LONDON

Dog Quotes

Dog Quotes

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Here's the ideal gift for anyone who loves dogs. It's a collection of endearing quotes and quips about those awesome creatures that have a magical ability to enhance and change our lives.

From their unconditional love to their eagerness to please, this book celebrates your mutt's magical ability to make you feel appreciated and comforted. Dogs have an endless capacity for forgiveness for the tellings-off you gave them for chewing your slippers/barking at the postman. Snuggle up with your furry best friend and enjoy these humorous, heart-warming messages and lovable furry moments!

A dog who has just rolled in a cowpat is especially affectionate.

Helen Exley personally selected all of the sayings, quotes and illustrations in this book.

Illustrated in colour throughout with hilarious cartoons by Roland Fiddy.


144 pages

Dimensions: 167mm x 105m x 15mm

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