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Helen Exley® LONDON

Over 60's Jokes

Over 60's Jokes

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The years just start to go by so quickly. But don't worry, they'll soon hurtle by faster and even faster! So just enjoy the laughter in this glorious book. The wise, witty and hilarious jokes will help you on your way.

"Over 60's Jokes" is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some wrinkles in your cheeks! No point in worrying about grumpy old age - celebrate the benefits of forgetting what you were looking forward to, feel disillusioned with the modern world and wonder why you spent the first half of your life acquiring habits that shorten the second half. 

Of course, old age is always 15 years older than c'mon, life's too short to not laugh and enjoy the ride through your sixth decade and stop worrying that Go For It has become Gone For It! 

The ideal gift for a friend or relative, whether for a 60th birthday or Christmas. Or just because they need a laugh!

At sixty, you swap the forty push-ups you did every morning for an extra forty winks of sleep.

Helen Exley personally selected all of the jokes, quotes and illustrations in this book.

Illustrated in colour throughout with hilarious cartoons by Roland Fiddy.


144 pages

Dimensions: 167mm x 105m x 15mm

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