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Helen Exley LONDON

To A Very Special Dad

To A Very Special Dad

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"To a very special Dad" is for dads of all ages, in appreciation of all those small acts of kindness over the years. Dads are great people. They're protectors, they're defenders. They hug, put up shelves, cook, carry kids on their shoulders, cheer for the right team and suffer the tribulations of teenagers. And finally they become lifetime friends. Dads are special!

It's never too late to show your dad how much you care with this little giftbook.

I never forget Dad Bathnights. We always flooded the floor. Well, you do when there are whales in the bath - or you're demonstrating water skiing with a loofah.

Illustrated throughout in colour by Juliette Clarke. Words by Pam Brown.

Hardcover, 32 pages, 155mm (H) x 111mm (W)

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