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Zen Gems

Zen Gems

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Emerging in China fifteen hundred years ago, Zen Buddhism encourages people to be in touch with reality, and the wonder of being alive. In this collection by the great Zen thinkers, sayings have been chosen for their simplicity and clarity. They speak of a search for awareness and of being in touch with who you really are. "Zen Gems" contains writing to help you live in a profoundly thoughtful new way; learn about the art of self-discovery and how to unlock inner peace and clarity.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

This book is from our "Jewel" series, which are just that, little jewels - adorable and precious little gifts for someone special, or for you! These books are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Despite their tiny size, these books are real little gems!

Helen Exley personally selected the wisest and greatest words about Zen Buddhism for this book, which is illustrated throughout with quotes from Lao Tzu, Sengai, Zen Master Dogen and many more.

Hardcover, 368 pages

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